Supplier Code of Conduct

Blind Tiger Spirit-Free Cocktails expects all of its employees to uphold the law and maintain ethical conduct in all aspects of their work. We extend the same expectations to our suppliers.

Our Supplier Code of Business Conduct outlines fundamental standards for employee behavior. This code establishes specific requirements for our suppliers. By collaborating in adherence to these principles, we can foster a successful partnership founded on integrity.

Note: This code outlines general requirements applicable to all suppliers to Blind Tiger, Inc.Individual supplier contracts may contain additional, more detailed provisions addressing similar issues. This code does not override any specific provisions in contracts; in case of any inconsistency, contractual provisions will prevail.

Conflicts of Interest: Employees of Blind Tiger should prioritize the best interests of the company. Therefore, employees should not engage in any relationship, whether financial or otherwise, with a supplier that may create a conflict, or appear to create a conflict, with their obligation to act in the best interest of Blind Tiger. While personal friendships outside of business interactions are natural and permissible, suppliers should ensure that such relationships do not influence the judgment of Blind Tiger employees in business matters. If a supplier employee has a familial relationship with an employee of Blind Tiger or any other relationship that may pose a conflict of interest, the supplier must disclose this information to Blind Tiger.

Business and Financial Records: Both the supplier and Blind Tiger must maintain accurate records of all transactions related to the supplier's business with the company. This includes properly documenting all expenses and payments. If Blind Tiger is billed for a supplier employee's time, time records must be precise and comprehensive. Suppliers should promptly submit invoices and avoid actions that could shift expenses to different accounting periods.

Bribery: Suppliers representing Blind Tiger must adhere to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and all relevant local laws concerning bribery of government officials. Suppliers must not offer anything of value, directly or indirectly, to any government official, employee of a government-controlled entity, or political party to gain improper benefits in any transaction involving Blind Tiger. Suppliers are required to maintain a written record of all payments made on behalf of Blind Tiger and provide a copy of this record upon request.

Protecting Information: Suppliers must safeguard Blind Tiger’s confidential information. Information obtained through the business relationship should not be disclosed to unauthorized individuals unless expressly permitted by Blind Tiger. Suppliers must refrain from trading securities or encouraging others to do so based on confidential information received from Blind Tiger. If a supplier mistakenly gains access to Blind Tiger’s trade secrets or confidential information, they should immediately notify their contact at the company and cease any further distribution of such information. Additionally, suppliers should not disclose information related to any other company if they are bound by contractual or legal obligations to maintain confidentiality.

Reporting Potential Misconduct: Suppliers who suspect illegal or unethical conduct by an employee of Blind Tiger or anyone representing the company should report it promptly. They can contact the Blind Tiger Compliance at