Orders and Shipping

When will I get my order?

All orders are shipped out within 3 business days from our warehouse in Pennsylvania. Transit time typically takes 2-5 days, but is dependent on the shipping provider and your location. You can always check your tracking number in the shipping confirmation for more details. Questions about your order? Happy to help! Reach out to orders@blindtigerspiritfree.com and include the full name on your order and/or the order number if you have one.

About our Cocktails & Mixers

Do they need to be refrigerated?

Only after they are opened. Before you open them, feel free to store at ambient temperature. The shelf life is around one year.

How long will they last once opened?

Once opened, we recommend consuming them within 2 weeks and make sure they’re refrigerated. Unopened, they will stay fresh up to 1 year from their production date. All expiration dates are listed on the labels.

How do I make a cocktail?

We keep it as easy as possible. Each of our cocktails call for a 2-1 ratio (2 parts mixer / 1 part spirit). The directions (and original spirit) are noted on the bottle.

How many drinks do they make?

As our product is both ready-to-drink and a mixer, the following is a guideline: 8.4 oz cans – One single serving ready-to-drink pour or two cocktails (with spirit/mixer) 16 oz – 2-3 ready-to-drink pours or four cocktails (with spirit/mixer) 32oz – 5.5 ready-to-drink pours or 8 cocktails (with spirit/mixer)

Do you use any artificial ingredients?

All of our products are all-natural and utilize organic honey and cane sugar. We do not have any artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives.

Are your products 100% alcohol-free?

Each of our varietals have traces of ethanol (which are used in the natural flavoring). The US Food and Drug administration considers 0.5% “trace” amounts of alcohol and allow it to be labeled “non-alcoholic.” The following amounts of ethanol are found per serving size: Bee's Knees - .2% Southside - .18% Sidecar - .2% Ward 8 - .03%

Are your products vegan?

The only varietal that is NOT vegan is the Bee's Knees as we utilize organic orange blossom honey.

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten-free.

How are your products packaged?

  • All four of our varietals are packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles (16oz and 32oz boston rounds). In addition, we recently added an 8.4 oz slim aluminum can option.