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Bootlegger's Bounty: Cocktail Prohibition Era Magnet

Bootlegger's Bounty: Cocktail Prohibition Era Magnet

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Unveiling our exclusive Prohibition-Era Holiday Cocktail Fridge Magnet – a festive nod to the clandestine charm of the Roaring '20s! Step back in time and celebrate the season with a touch of rebellion and a sprinkle of secret spirits.

Crafted with a vintage touch, this magnet captures the essence of an era when holiday cheer was hidden behind closed doors.

Perfectly sized to adorn your fridge or magnetic surface, this piece adds a dash of nostalgia to your festivities. Share the secret of yesteryear with friends and family as you gather 'round, and let the magnetic charm of the Roaring '20s be a conversation starter during your holiday gatherings.

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